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Are you prepared for a HSE visit?

HSE inspection visit

Preparing for a visit from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) is something many companies don’t worry about as they think they will never visit their company as it’s too small, they’ve only ever had minor incidents or they would just be seriously unlucky to be chosen.  However, a Health & Safety Inspector may visit… Read more »

Accident in the workplace – would you know what to do?

Accident at work

The health & safety of employees and others who could be affected by your operations is of paramount importance. However, despite implementing health & safety preventative measures, you can have an accident in the workplace. This can be quite a scary situation and people may panic or freeze, particularly if the accident is serious. Nobody… Read more »

2023 predictions for the H&S sector?

2023, year of the rabbit

Can you believe the first month of the year is over already! We’ve celebrated Chinese New Year, but the animal year officially commences on 4th February. We thought we would take a look at what the year of the rabbit might look like and what are the 2023 predictions for the H&S sector? The year… Read more »

Top 10 tips for making your warehouse safer in the run up to Christmas

With the increase in online shopping and Christmas not far away, warehousing and storage facilities are extremely busy. Follow our top 10 tips to making your warehouse safer. Employees can become preoccupied with the high demand and can become complacent when it comes to adhering to health and safety rules during busy times. An employer… Read more »

Benefits of health and safety software – our top 5

health and safety software

There are many benefits of using health and safety software. It not only gives a clear message that your organisation is taking your legal requirements seriously. It also reflects the importance of building a health and safety culture – see our blog for tips Building health & safety as part of your culture | top… Read more »

We are pleased to announce the 2021 Client of the Year Award goes to…

2021 Client of the Year award

IM Group! Founded in the Midlands in 1976, IM Group is a renowned family owned business, which has grown and diversified into a major international company operating in the automotive, property and finance sectors. IM Group have been a client of Sentinel Safety since 2020 and have impressed us with their outstanding commitment to health… Read more »

Pleased to announce the Client of the Year 2022 Award goes to….

Himmat Rai, Director of Sentinel Safety presenting the Client of the Year 2022 Award to the team at Walls & Ceilings International Ltd. Walls and Ceilings International Ltd! Walls and Ceilings part of the Tennants Group, opened in 1982. The company has two sites in the UK, Alcester and Bristol and is one of the… Read more »

Children’s Family Trust (CFT) achieve Client of the Year Award 2023

Client of the Year Award 2023 winner CFT

Himmat Rai, Director of Sentinel Safety Solutions, presenting award and gift to Paresh Samat, Head of Finance at CFT. The Children’s Family Trust are the winners of Sentinel Safety Solutions Client of the year Award 2023. CFT are a UK not-for-profit fostering charity based in Bromsgrove that provide various types of foster placements, that often… Read more »