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Ensuring the health, safety and welfare of your workforce can be a stressful undertaking. You may have been made responsible for safety in your workplace without necessarily having the expertise to be sure that you’ve got all of the right systems in place.

We understand you will be concerned about the need to keep staff and colleagues safe and, of course, we recognise that you will want to avoid facing a serious accident or a costly lawsuit.

We focus on taking the stress and uncertainty out of managing risk. We have a team of highly qualified consultants working across Bromsgrove and the West Midlands that can ensure you’ve got all of the right elements in place to keep your business and your employees safe.

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Why Choose Us?

Simple, practical approach

We know from experience that you probably don’t want to be bombarded with paperwork. Therefore, our approach is to provide practical, relevant advice that will benefit your organisation, rather than giving you tonnes of files that will sit on a shelf, gathering dust.

We recognise that you’d prefer not to be bamboozled. We keep things simple so that you can easily understand our advice.

Save money on insurance

Having worked with insurance companies for many years, we take a pragmatic approach that can save you money on your premiums. Few risk management companies take this approach, but by understanding the market, and aiming to meet and exceed your insurance company’s expectations, you can make very large savings on your insurance costs.

Outsourced team

Do you need an outsourced health and safety department? If you can’t afford your own in-house staff then we can act as your outsourced team. We’ll become an extension of your company, giving your practical advice whenever it’s needed.

We appreciate that HR is closely associated with effective health & safety management so we offer tailored HR Support that’s suited to your requirements.

Commercial experience

You should always consider commercial needs as well as safety. We’ve been working with businesses since 2000 so we understand this and our advice will always take commercial pressures into account

You can trust us in areas of commercial sensitivity. We know that it may not be viable for you to take all our advice. If something’s not do-able, we’ll help you to come up with a work around – perhaps changing working practices rather than investing in expensive equipment. We make recommendations but you’re in control and the final decision is always with you

Food businesses

If you operate a food business, regardless of the size, we can work with you as part of your team. We have many years of experience working with businesses from restaurants to large manufacturing facilities.

Environmental management

As environmental management becomes increasingly important, whether you identify a need within your business, or environmental management systems are required by a customer, our consultants are on hand to help you through the maze of legislation and standards such as ISO14001.

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