16 May 2024

Benefits of health and safety software – our top 5

health and safety software

There are many benefits of using health and safety software. It not only gives a clear message that your organisation is taking your legal requirements seriously. It also reflects the importance of building a health and safety culture – see our blog for tips Building health & safety as part of your culture | top tips (sentinelsafety.co.uk)

Below are the top five benefits of health and safety software.

1) Prevention of incidents

You can carry out safety audits quickly and easily. The facility to easily track and record both incidents and near misses with remedial actions. Having this in black and white helps monitoring and reduces incidents.

2) Reduction in incident claims

Prevention of incidents is key. However, should an incident occur, health and safety software cam provide you with the ability to collate supporting evidence. This includes witness statements, CCTV footage, photos, and video. All stored safely in the cloud, to defend spurious claims, which could be up to 3 years after the alleged incident.

3) Reduces costs

A reduction in incidents has an immediate effect on employee absence. Obviously saving costs from sick pay and loss of production. Time and fuel are both saved, by cutting down travelling to multiple sites to carry out audits. With health and safety software, it is easy to complete audits and record incidents by site-based employees. The results can be viewed immediately by colleagues based elsewhere.

Being active in monitoring, assessing, and implementing preventative action, helps to lower insurance premiums, where great savings can be made.

4) Less time wasted

Intuitive software can save time in reporting incidents and collating relevant supporting information. All current safety documents are in one place on a cloud-based portal. Time is not wasted in tracking down the latest version of policies and risk assessments. There is also less waste and duplication of documents and systems. This means that employees can spend more time being productive.

5) Increased engagement

Employees need to be aware that health and safety is taken seriously. If action to protect and improve their safety is evident, they will become more engaged and productive. Also less likely to leave for alternative employment.

Contractors, suppliers, and customers all have higher engagement with those companies that invest in health and safety, which also improves your brand image.

If you are interested in learning more about health and safety software, please feel free to email sb@sentinelsafety.co.uk or download a free 30 trial SafetyBox Software | Sentinel Safety Solutions Ltd

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