21 Jan 2022

Why is fire marshal training important?

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Every property owner or ‘responsible person’ is legally obligated to ensure that their building meets the fire safety regulations stipulated in the 2005 Regulatory Reform Order. In addition to carrying out a fire risk assessment and training occupants on how to react in case of a fire, building owners are also required to have a designated fire marshal in the building to ensure all safety protocols are followed. So, what is a fire marshal, and why is it important to have one in your company.

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What is a fire marshal?

A fire marshal is a person responsible for identifying potential hazards in a building and preventing fire in the first place. He/she is also responsible for guiding people out of a building when a fire occurs.

Why should you appoint fire marshals in your company?

A fire marshal plays a critical role in your company. Some of their responsibilities include:

• Ensuring fire evacuation routes remain unobstructed at all times

• Carrying out housekeeping to get rid of any hazardous material

• Ensuring flammable materials are properly stored

• Inspecting/testing fire detection equipment such as fire alarms to ensure that they are functioning optimally

• Ensuring electrical connections are compliant with fire safety regulations

• Training new employees on fire safety protocols

• Raising the alarm when a fire starts and co-ordinating fire evacuation

How long does a fire marshal certificate last?

To become a fire marshal in your workplace, you must complete a specialist fire training course. This course usually takes half a day to complete and is eligible for anyone above the age of 16 years. The course covers topics such as:

• Causes of fire

• Fire hazards in the workplace

• How to use a range of fire controls

• Fire safety evacuation protocol

• A practical demonstration on how to use fire extinguishers

Once you successfully complete the course, you will be awarded a fire marshal’s certificate valid for three years. After this period, you’ll be required to do a refresher course or take another fire marshal training course.

If you are interested in completing a fire marshal training course, contact us today for more information about our courses.

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