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Proper equipment maintenance – why it’s important!

Worker carrying out proper equipment maintenance on machinery

Poor standards of proper equipment maintenance, along with the act of cleaning or carry out maintenance on equipment, has caused many serious injuries including fatalities. In recent years 25-30% of manufacturing fatalities in Great Britain have been as a result of maintenance activities (Source: HSE.gov.uk). Proper equipment maintenance should be high on companies’ agendas, including… Read more »

Tips on hiring a Health & Safety Consultant

Health and safety consultant

Not all organisations have the resources/competence to manage health & safety internally, but the law requires you to have access to competent health & safety advice, to ensure that you are adhering to H&S legislation. So you may consider hiring a health & safety consultant. A health & safety consultant can perform an extremely important… Read more »

Risk Assessment – do I need one?

Risk assessment image

Whenever health and safety is discussed, one of the first things that is mentioned is usually ‘Risk Assessment.’ However, some people may not know what this involves. This blog aims to answer many of the questions around risk assessments. So, what is a risk assessment? Every workplace has hazards, some are minor and some can… Read more »

Do I need a fire risk assessment?

Fire risk assessment

As an employer and/or building owner/occupier/landlord and anyone else who has control of the premises e.g. Facilities manager, you are considered a ‘responsible person’. You’re required to carry out and maintain a fire risk assessment to comply with Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, which applies in England and Wales (equivalent requirements apply in Scotland… Read more »

Winter health and safety hazards in the workplace – what to look for

battling against winter health and safety hazards in the workplace

Winter is here! Among the festivities, employers must consider the additional challenges that winter weather brings. Promoting workplace health and safety is essential, to maintain a safe and resilient environment. Take a look at the tips below to learn about potential winter health and safety hazards and what you can do to prevent any accidents…. Read more »

Most common health and safety risks in manufacturing

Manufacturing health and safety risks

Manufacturing is considered a high-risk industry to work in as there are a variety of hazardous situations in this environment. Workers in small manufacturing firms are more than twice as likely to be killed at work, than workers in larger firms in the same sector. Health and safety risks in manufacturing are a problem, but… Read more »

Do you know the dangers of dust?

workers gloved hands releasing dust

Dust can be a problem in almost any industry, but do you know the true dangers of dust and the devasting effects it can cause? The HSE recently launched a ‘Dust kills’ campaign and HSE inspectors have been visiting construction sites nationwide with a specific focus on dust control. 500 construction workers are killed by… Read more »

Meet Our Senior SHE Consultant, Emma Riordan, BSc (Hons) CFIOSH

Headshot of Sentinel Safety's Senior SHE Consultant, Emma Riordan

It’s International Women’s Day! Why not learn a little more about one of our inspiration women, Emma Riordan our Senior SHE Consultant. How did you begin your career and what attracted you to health and safety? I actually decided to study health and safety management and French as a combined honours degree at Aston University. … Read more »

Building health & safety as part of your culture

Quote to build health & safety as part of your culture

Building health & safety as part of your culture, is the most effective way of keeping your employees safe. That’s not all this achieves, a positive health and safety culture can also: Dramatically reduce the number of incidents in the workplace Improve staff morale and job satisfaction Increase productivity Decrease costs Lower staff turnover Improve brand… Read more »

Be prepared for Health & Safety Inspector visits during Covid-19


Health and Safety Inspector visits are during Covid-19 are still taking place. The HSE and local authorities can carry out unannounced inspections of workplaces to check compliance with Covid-19 regulations, as well as wider health and safety law. Responsibility for enforcing health and safety is divided between the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and local councils depending on the main activity of the… Read more »