13 Sep 2021

What is Natasha’s Law and how does it apply to you?

Natasha’s Law will come into force on 1st October of 2021 and will mean that all food businesses in England (equivalent regulations will apply in the devolved nations) will be required to label food prepared on the premises in which it is sold with a full list of ingredients and allergens.

Currently if the food is prepared on the premise where it will be sold (pre-packed for direct sale) businesses are not required to provide allergen information on the label, which causes problems for people with severe allergies. Unfortunately, in July 2016 the lack of allergen information on a Pret a Manger sandwich lead to 15 year old Natasha Ednan-Laperouse suffering a fatal allergic reaction. This tragedy prompted the Government to introduce the change in law in September 2019, allowing food businesses two years to prepare for the new requirements.

The Food Standards Agency will publish information next month to ensure businesses can adapt to the new rules. Heather Hancock, the Food Standards Agency Chair said:

“I encourage businesses large and small to work with the Food Standards Agency to get this right. Success will mean more choice and better protection for the millions of people – our families, friends, colleagues and neighbours across the UK – who have food allergies.”

According to the NHS website around 1 in 4 people in the UK suffer from an allergy at some point in their lives.

Natasha’s Law applies to the 14 most common food allergens:

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