08 Sep 2017

Mitigating food safety risks

We were contacted by the manager of a busy restaurant in London’s West End to see if we could assist following a food safety inspection by an Environmental Health Officer. The inspection had identified several breaches of food safety law and they needed to implement solutions for mitigating food safety risks.

The company wished to make every effort to rectify the situation as a matter of urgency. We started work almost immediately to advise the client on a series of risk-based practical steps that they could take for mitigating food safety risks. We then developed a comprehensive HACCP-based food safety management system that closely reflected the particular risks arising from the restaurant’s operation. This included HACCP plans and all supporting records to enable the client to demonstrate ‘due diligence.

We trained the restaurant management on how to implement the food safety procedures. Our consultant liaised with the EHO by telephone and attended the restaurant during a food safety revisit inspection. We were able to confirm that our ongoing support had been retained by the business including quarterly food safety audits and telephone/email support. As an added bonus, the restaurant managed to significantly improve its score on the Food Hygiene Rating Scheme.

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