Case Study

Accident Investigation

This case study details how we completed an accident investigation for a client.

A director from a retainer client telephoned us to report that an employee had suffered a serious injury to his hand in a machine with a defective guard. While the injured employee received immediate medical attention and was taken to the local A & E hospital, the manager who was still in shock wanted to know what they needed to do in the meantime.

We provided authoritative practical advice in a calm manner to ensure that immediate steps were taken to prevent any further injuries and to cordon off the machine and area of the factory affected. One of our consultants then attended the client’s premises within two hours of the accident to initiate a formal accident investigation. A detailed report of findings including recommendations for risk improvement was produced for the company’s board of directors to consider.

As the injury to the employee was reportable under RIDDOR, the matter was also investigated by the Health and Safety Executive. The company was able to demonstrate that immediate steps were taken to safeguard employees and to prevent a recurrence. Furthermore, that lessons had been learnt resulting in a greater focus on risk management. In that particular case, the HSE decided not to prosecute the company.

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