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Safety Box - Sentinel Safety Solutions
Safety Box - Sentinel Safety Solutions

Safety Box

Risk management made easy

Risk management made easy

Our SafetyBox software has been developed by highly qualified safety practitioners with extensive experience of enforcing the law, advising multi-national companies and working with major international insurers.  It is designed to help you to manage health & safety effectively while saving time and money, particularly if you are responsible for a multi-site operation.

  • Consistency  – all company documents can be uploaded to the Safety Box and accessed by any person with permission so that everyone is working with the latest version.

  • Incident Management – SafetyBox enables all the relevant incident data including photos, video, CCTV footage and supporting documents on incidents to be captured quickly and safely stored.

  • Proactive approach – SafetyBox enables key staff to quickly and easily complete safety audits using their PC, tablet or smart phone.

  • Legal compliance – our software captures critical information to demonstrate that the company complies with the law and defend spurious claims for compensation.

  • Documentation – SafetyBox stores all your key safety documents and data in a secure, cloud-based portal, so you have access whenever you need it.

  • Environmentally friendly – no need to keep everything as a paper record and it also cuts down on mileage from site to site.

  • Reduce the cost of your insurance premiums – SafetyBox has been specifically designed to enable you to optimise your position with insurers by demonstrating legal compliance and effective risk management practices that reduce the risk of incidents occurring in the first place and improving your claims defensibility.

Key benefits for real peace of mind

Legally compliant – designed by experienced Health and Safety practitioners to help you to comply with your legal obligations without unnecessary expenditure

Preventative – helps prevent workplace incidents occurring in the first place by regularly monitoring and recording safety standards

Saves money  – helps  reduce insurance premiums by preventing accidents and avoiding spurious claims

Simple – it’s easy to use, so it gets used

Powerful – gathers and keeps every piece of the jigsaw safe and secure

Concise – one clear  dashboard monitors how well you’re performing

Seamless – works on PC’s, laptops, tablets and smart phones

Flexible  – works with single and multiple site organisations, saving travelling time and money

Risk management made easy